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A worldwide choice for disease prevention. Homeoprophylaxis is a centuries' old homeopathic method of disease prevention. It works with the body in a very natural way and has a well-documented track record of being about 90% effective. This standing track record makes HP very worthy of consideration.

Endocannabanoid system and CBD

Every mammal on this planet has an endocannabanoid system with receptor sites in all parts of the body which regulates many body systems such as brain cell firing, your immune system and inflammation regulation to name a couple.

Craniosacral Therapy

Looking for a relaxing treatment experience? Take some time out of your busy day to begin to heal yourself the right way. . Our certified healers can pinpoint any spot that may be experiencing pain or discomfort and treat you accordingly. A very powerful, subtle treatment for ALL that ails you!

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Herbal Health Consultation and Herbal Healing

I offer one-on-one herbal consultations to , to discuss health issues, frame health goals, and develop an herbal plan customized for your needs.

Endocannabanoid system and CBD

I work closely with clients toward reaching their health goals and using CBD is key to achieving that goal. Not only for maintaining health but for balancing the imbalanced body, including providing relief from pain and inflammation as well as mood and overall health


Contact me directly for more information on our program or for general information on Homoeoprophylaxis

Monthly Tea Tastings

We have a monthly Tea Tasting in our office. The teas are prepared based on a theme or topic. Its a great way to meet the staff at Wholistically Herbal and A View To Your Health and learn more about what we do and how we do it.

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Herbal Health Consultation
Endocannabanoid system and CBD
Craniosacral Therapy

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