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Heather Duro


Wholistically Herbal strives to help reconnect people with their own healing intelligence through education, herbal remedies, lifestyle changes and energy work.

Herbalism is an ancient practice of using plants for health and wellness.  A Balance of Herbs, Diet, Lifestyle and Spirituality are be used to bring an individual back into balance and to promote overall health.  Rather than to treat specific symptoms, Herbalism and natural healing modalities seek to find the root causes of imbalances in the body and applies a holistic view of physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health.

My first love is that of the power of herbs and using herbs and nature to foster and stimulate the bodies own healing intelligence.  My background in Holistic Health, Herbalism, Energy medicine, Homeoprophylaxis and Naturopathy allows a unique insight to using herbs along with nutrition and lifestyle changes to promote health and vitality.

I am well versed in Western and Eastern Herbalism, Holistic and Natural Health. My love and respect of all things natural came out of dealing with years of personal health challenges with no positive results using conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals.  With more questions than answers coming from medical doctors I  found that changing my families relationship with what mother nature provides changed my family’s health and happiness dramatically.

I am also a certified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner, using gemstones and frequency to facilitate the body’s natural healing abilities. I have a high level of knowledge and experience with the use of CBD in maintaining, sustaining and/or creating a healthy body.

Herbal Medicine is a holistic health system that is used to facilitate the health of body, mind & spirit. It is the oldest system of medicine in the world.

I am dedicated to helping people find their natural healthy balance through using herbs, healthy living and holistic mindsets.

I offer one-on-one herbal consultations to discuss health issues, frame health goals, and develop an herbal plan customized for your needs.

By using a blend of Traditional Herbalism and ancient health wisdom as well as incorporating the latest research and knowledge on herbs and nutrition provides the knowledge and ability to use what has worked for centuries by traditional healers, creating a brand of healing that is as adaptable and as individual as each of our clients.


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